Why buy a used vehicle over new? in Durham, NC

Why Purchase a Used Vehicle from a Small, Family-Owned Dealership?

 When you are shopping for a new vehicle, there are an endless number of decisions to make. One of the easiest decisions to make, though, is whether to buy used or new. When you are shopping at 1st Stop Auto Sales, used vehicles are the right choice. If you are wondering why you should purchase a used vehicle from our small, family-owned dealership, there are a number of benefits.


Great value

Used vehicles from our dealership are always affordable, and not because there is something wrong with them mechanically. Within the first year, new cars tend to lose up to 30% of their initial value; some even lose the majority of this value the second they drive off the lot. Because of this, we can offer you great prices for vehicles that are as good as new, offering you just as many bells and whistles as a brand-new vehicle might.


Better selection

On our dealership lot, selection is king. We have a number of brands and vehicles from every segment in the industry. If you are looking for a luxury Mercedes-Benz, you can find some on our lot; if you would like an American-made vehicle, we have the perfect Ford or Chevy for you. Come in and test drive all the models you could want to test drive, all in a single dealership stop. We have such a great selection that you won’t have to leave our lot to do so.


Our success is measured in happy customers

As our motto states, “Our success is measured one happy customer at a time!” We want you to be happy with your purchase from our dealership. Because we are small and family-owned, we’re not going to pressure you into a sale like a larger dealership might. Rather than focusing on numbers, we focus on making each and every one of our customers happy with their new-to-them vehicle.


If you want to learn more about why you should buy used from a small, family-owned dealership, feel free to contact us at 1st Stop Auto Sales