Over 26 years ago O. Ray Lipscomb Jr. was one of the top new car sales leader and associate at a local franchise dealership. His income was substantial and he won numerous honors and awards. He was salesman of the year the last 2 years at the dealership.  Despite his success and stature as a star sales person, he longed for the day when he could once again be his own boss.


During 1970 thru 1980 O. Ray Lipscomb Jr. had experienced some small business success as the owner of a boutique in downtown Durham N.C. and Crab Tree Valley Mall in Raleigh N.C...  So in 1986 entrepreneurial juices flowing within Mr. Lipscomb left the security and success he had with the dealership and opened PPA (Professional Procurement Agency) a firm that brokered office equipment, appliances and automobiles.  The following year Mr. Lipscomb restructured PPA into a used car sales business only and maneuvered the system to tap into a larger market of people with credit issues who could not get financing at other dealerships.  He tapped into a market that had been ignored by other dealerships; people with jobs but had credit glitches and needed reliable transportation.


In 1995 PPA began doing business as First Stop Auto Sales and he changed his marketing strategy from PPA and began an effort to appeal to a more middle income and young professional market.  This market would be interested in three to five year old vehicles in good condition with extended warranties and excellent financing terms which made First Stop Auto Sales an attractive dealership for potential buyers which would insure First Stop Auto Sales maintained growth and stayed ahead of the competition. 


In 2003 Mr. Lipscomb formed Toorae Finance Corp. to better serve their customers with many financing options.  In 2008 First Stop Auto Sales moved to a new location at 2910 N. Roxboro Rd., the facility was completely remodeled and has seven offices and a waiting area.  He continues to have many innovative ideas so they will remain a force in the automotive scene in the Research Triangle Park area.


First Stop Auto Sales supports many Local Charities and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.